It’s a Good Thing

The stars, moon and sun are aligning so that we have an opportunity to sneak in a before Parent’s Weekend visit with our son in North Carolina. Great news, right? Well, the plan has taken on a life of its own. It went something like this: If he makes the club soccer team, we will try to get down to watch one of his games. Hurrah! He made the team. “Send us your schedule, sweetie.” Oh, look! He has a game on a day Alyssa doesn’t! Hurrah! We should go, if he makes the travel squad. He made the squad, hurrah! I tell him we are coming and I’ll bring him a big bag of food! That’s when the wheels came off, so to speak. We planned to drive to the field, which is closer to our house than his university, watch the game, give him a bag of goodies, give him a kiss and a hug, and turn around for home. Well, he got all excited and said, “Sweet! And, we can go shopping for stuff, too! And, Hannah, Natalie, and Kristen want to come to my game, too!” Ooopsie! See, how we lost it? How can we say, “No, sorry, darling, not what we had in mind.” Well, obviously we could say that, but the truth is we miss him. And, he needs us and wants us so, who wants to turn that down? Not us, apparently. So, John started researching hotel rates at our last rest area stop. Yes, we are back on the road again. Good thing we have an Empty Nest, or all this traveling would be out of the question. Wow, how the mighty have adapted.


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