Little Things

Whereas yesterday I felt happy and free to be without a To Do list, today I think I am actually in a closet state of rebellion. It must be a rebellion against the busy-ness of the past month and of the week/s ahead. I had an opportunity to get up and get out (for a much needed yoga class, in fact), but I could not or would not do it. I could plan a bike ride or swim, but I’m not going to do it. I hope I am just simply listening to my body and taking care of myself by resting and not dropping into some delayed depression. I guess it must be the former, since I don’t feel particularly sad. I do miss my kids (and my dog) not being here, but I am happy that they are fully engaged in their own lives. I think if they were not, they would probably call their mother more often or at all. I think today will end up looking and feeling a lot like yesterday. So, I will continue the weekend theme of appreciating the little things and the quietness. Because once tomorrow comes we are off to the races again.


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