Feeling Connected

I was so busy today I have not had much time for thoughtful reflection. I usually need at least some down time every day just to recharge. Since starting this blog, I have used my downtime to think about what ideas I have for my blog for each day. Now, reflecting on my day, I am happy for all the connections I made. I met for lunch with several friends that I work with for a part time seasonal job. It was so great to catch up with them. I can’t wait to get to work and have more one on one time with each one. Then, I was off to work at the swim shop where I enjoyed chatting with an elderly customer, who was shopping with her also elderly daughter. I work at a swim shop about two days a week. The mom and I had the most delightfully animated conversation about authors that we love and their books, while the daughter was trying on swim suits. We both liked the same kind of thriller/spy novels. So, we just chatted away and I have a new (to me) author to check out thanks to my friendly chat. This evening, I ran into a gal I worked with on the high school PTSA. We spent a while catching up and we vowed to plan a dinner out soon. So, today was about taking one thing at a time and enjoying the feeling of connectedness that threaded its way through my day.


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