I finally saw a couple of our neighbors this evening, who are also either Empty Nesters or have just sent their first child off to college. I was curious to hear how everyone was adjusting. All three of them still had at least one dog at home and one has several pets and two kids. So I do not really consider their nests empty. (Am I splitting hairs here? Possibly still sad and bitter about Chip not being around anymore?) But we shared a laugh about how difficult it is to cook for the new family size. I even had to “borrow” a slice of bread for the stuffed mushrooms I was making to go with our steaks on the grill dinner! We are all still trying to figure out how to buy groceries and minimize food waste. Jackie is doing the freeze/refrigerate combo with bread, which was why she was able to spare a piece. We have not tried that move yet. Also, today, I was able to do some relaxing by the outdoor pool, which I love to do. I swam laps for about an hour and that seemed like more than enough today. I got a couple of early September birthday cards in the mail and straightened up a little around the house. It all still feels like stuff I’m doing while I’m waiting for the kids to come home or waiting to go visit them. It is a weird kind of incomplete feeling. It was not an angst-filled bad feeling though. I just notice that while I’m doing pretty much the same things I’ve always done, they feel different. I am still reminding myself to Let Go and Trust God when my thoughts stray to the kids and what they could, should, and might be doing or not doing. So, the process continues to unfold, as I hang on by a thread to see where it takes me.


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