“Angie, it’s a process. It could take months,” Gina told me. She remembered neighbors and friends who had been there. There being in an empty nest. I think I am OK one minute then I’m noticing that I’m a little off the next. I think when I’m a little off it is the part of me that’s secretly or unconsciously worrying about someone or something that I should be accepting and having complete faith that God is taking care of it, me and “my people,” as I sometimes refer to my family. So I need to trust God. And I need to do it consciously. So that little or big fears and worries can not sneak into my being. My day was filled with activities that helped me take care of me. I enjoyed a nice bike ride with my friend Sue before the rain came down too hard. I got some chores done and managed to get to the pool. I needed to get in at least a short swim and I did. The pool was awfully hot, like bath water, so I only managed 40 minutes, but it was worth it. My mantra for now is: Trust God. Everything is as it should be and everything is OK.


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