Minding My Own Business

There is no doubt what I have been trying to focus on today. It is the one week anniversary of my blog. And my mantra is: Mind my own Business! I helped my college senior move out of her preseason dorm and into her townhouse for the school year first thing this morning. There were plenty of opportunities for me to give my two cents about how to manage the exit from building A and the entrance to building B, as well as what she should put where and, etc. In addition to moving, I know she was also going through some stress and discomfort related to being a senior in college and what is in store for her after graduation. She visited with friends, recent graduates, who were a little less than positive about post college life and being in the working world. So, needless to say, she started to think about her own future. I know that this is a wonderful time in any young adult’s life. It is one of life’s turning points that will no doubt cause her a mix of emotions, including much excitement, joy, fear, and angst. It will also be an opportunity for me to angst and/or fret along with her, if I’m not completely engaged in my own life. There are so many amazing things that both of my kids have to look forward to with the beginning of one college experience and the wrapping up of the other. And I know I have my big white canvas upon which I am creating my next chapter. So, on the one week anniversary of writing this blog, I am happy to have it as a tool to help me stay focused on my life and Minding My Own Business!


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