Just Be

I got through my second 20+ mile bike ride of the weekend in part thanks to the possibility of more beautiful views, as we planned to turn right at the bottom of the hill. And, in part to the guilt I had from eating a waffle for breakfast. We loved the the trail when we turned left yesterday. Unfortunately, the views to the right were not what we hoped for. In fact, we ended up in the city and not on trails along the Blackstone River. So, we turned around and went back to the beauty of yesterday’s trail. I had waffle calories to burn so I was lobbying for as many miles as I could get. Thankfully we were able to get in the kind of ride we were both hoping to have. Three cheers for the flexibility, perseverance, and just plain hard work that resulted in another great start to a great day. So, while my bike ride mantra was: Keep pedaling – I ate the waffle! My mantra later on was: Just be. Enjoy where I am, the people I’m with and the day I’m in. And, I did.


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