Being Grateful

I really struggled with my workout this morning. I was awake at a ridiculously early hour. I tried to fall back to sleep for an hour or so before I was planning to get up anyway to catch the tail end of Masters and then stay for the open lap swimming. But, I never did fall asleep again. I started my workout telling myself I didn’t have to do monster (for me) yardage, I could just do what I usually do with my 10:30 AM group, which is not that much shorter (a few hundred yards, usually). So, as I’m swimming along counting my laps and following the same workout I did Wednesday, I kept thinking, “OK, you can drop to 200 for this set or skip the last 300 kick” and etc. I mean it was my workout. I can do it how ever I want to do it. However, I was not feeling as strong and awesome as I had on my last two early morning swims. Long story short, after every “Do less” thought, I had a corresponding, “ Well, I can’t swim Monday so I should just do it” thought. This went on until the last 100 of my cool down. I ended up with the 3900 yards I expected to do. And the interesting thing was, that by staying that extra few minutes to complete the last laps, I ended up running into a friend. She asked about the kids and couldn’t believe how everything with Chip dying and the kids leaving all happened at once. But, as we talked, it was clear she has a lot going on in her life, too. A lot of it was not very good. But we both were quick to point out the positive aspects of our situations. And I was reminded that regardless of what changes and discomfort I am going through now, I have so much for which to be grateful! So, today I will focus on the positive and remember that life is good and I am grateful!


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