Today I’m Laughing

ImagePractically everything about my daily routines has changed or is changing. It is almost a complete overhaul of my day to day activities. It is inspiring me to take big steps outside of my comfort zone. For instance, I’ve started this blog. That is so not me and yet I feel completely compelled to do it. It is as if a little voice inside is saying, “Step it up. You cannot get where you want to go doing the same thing you have always done. So, here, let me help you by forcing all of this change on you at once.” This is why I find myself seeking a daily mantra. Today’s mantra hit me like a ton of bricks after reading a hilarious blog post about beets this morning. It is this: “I will not take myself so seriously today. I need to laugh and lighten up!” I’ve included the first (and last) “Selfie” I’ve ever taken. Enjoy!


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