It Got Real Really Fast

The guy in the lane next to me this morning said,“You did some serious yardage this morning.” And I had. It was the perfect combination of perfect pool water temperature (about 77/78 degrees), and perfect air temperature and quality (70 degrees) and time of day (6:45AM). I also had a lot on my mind. I did 3900 yards as I contemplated the day ahead. The Empty Nest got real really fast. Last night John brought Chip’s ashes home. It seems weird to have our favorite dog/companion’s ashes, but we did not know what else to do. None of us wanted him to be gone, and we certainly did not want him anywhere far away from us. So, now we have a beautiful memorial to our awesome Chip, whose absence I still feel quite profoundly. Also, I attended a job fair this morning. I came away with the awareness that I am not ready to make any big job changes at the moment. However, I am looking forward to whatever my next step will be. I picture a huge white canvas in front of me on which I can put any color or colors. And I’m excited at that thought. My mantra for today has been, “Just keep praying and keep letting go. Everything is OK.”


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